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CAR NK-92 cell–mediated depletion of residual TCR+ cells

Utilization of G-Rex by introducing a new scalable depletion method: Coculturing target CAR T cells with an NK-92 cell line in G-Rex to purify their CAR T cells and promote CAR T cell expansion at the same time.
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Scientific Posters

Development of large-scale expansion protocol for NKG2C-positive NK cells for treatment of glioblastoma

This scientific poster presented at CIMT 2023 investigates glioblastoma, a WHO grade IV glioma and the most common primary adult brain tumor, and the expression of elevated levels of HLA-E that block NK cells with expression of the inhibitory NKG2A receptor, aiming to establish a large-scale ex vivo expansion of functional NKG2C+ NK cells.  Doing so from peripheral blood employing bottom-gas permeable membrane bioreactors (G-Rex) and using a recently developed PC-3 feeder cell line genetically engineered with IL-2, membrane-bound IL-15, as well as a first generation single chain trimeric HLA-E molecule.
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Marker TX T-cell Manufacturing Simplification

Join Anastasiya Smith, Snr. Director of R&D at Marker Therapeutics for a 15-minute pre-recorded webinar covering the first critical steps in successful automation through simplification with the G-Rex platform.
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Proven Process

This is our proven process illustrating how ScaleReady works in a true partnership with your T and NK cell therapy program to enable the successful commercialization of your drug. This is a linear left-to-right, as well as a holistic view, of how at every stage, we look to simplify, streamline, and scale by offering expertise and support for your cell therapy program. Through our proven process, we deliver practical and viable solutions by providing the most simple, scalable, and versatile manufacturing products. Our process is proven, as our products are represented in approved CAR-T drugs around the globe.

RUO and GMP IL-2 Cytokine Brochure

GMP Recombinant Human IL-2 joins IL-7 and IL-15 produced within Bio-Techne’s dedicated animal-free GMP facility located in St. Paul MN USA. Our GMP-grade IL-2 contains the same cysteine to serine mutation found in Proleukin®. This mutation has been reported to prevent cysteine mispairing in E.coli, which can lead to protein aggregation and makes our new GMP-grade IL-2 protein soluble in injectable-grade water.

IL-2, IL-7 and IL-15 Cytokines Brochure

IL-2, IL-7, and IL-15 are critical cytokine components to many successful T and NK cell therapy programs.  Choosing these cytokines from a partner that can offer seamless translation from RUO to GMP means that the consistency across lots, the confidence in bioactivity, and cost-effectiveness are no longer barriers to manufacturing with consistency, translating with speed and scaling without limitation.  Learn more about these powerhouse cytokines in this brochure.
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Cue Product Specification Sheet

Key features of the Cue Cell Processing System include flexibility - user-defined aliquot container number and fill volume, all-in-one - ability to concentrate and wash in the same procedure as final formulate and fill, precision - aliquot volumes ≤10 mL, and control - optional automated temperature control and mixing.
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Lovo Large Volume Cell Processing System Brochure

Whether you’re focused on early-stage trials or ramping up to full commercialization, Lovo’s spinning membrane filtration technology enables fast, precise, and flexible procedures that help increase your lab’s overall operational efficiency and processing consistency without compromising product quality.

TcBuster Non-Viral Gene Engineering FAQ

The benefits of non-viral gene engineering, when compared with its viral counterpart, offer simplicity, and streamlined capabilities all while lowering risk and cost. TcBuster as part of the ScaleReady portfolio empowers cell therapy programs to move to market faster and with superior scalability ensuring confidence in reproducibility, bench to bedside.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Cytokine Supplier

Within cell therapy manufacturing, GMP ancillary materials like cytokines are used as essential cell culture supplements to produce cell-based medicines. The success of the cell therapy will depend on the quality and consistency of these ancillary materials, making the choice of supplier a crucial decision to get right.
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Lovo and Cue Field Service and Support Flyer

The rapid response and deployment of our Field Service and Support team are crucial to your process. This flyer is for Lovo and Cue customers who are looking to ensure that you have the support you need when you need it through Fresenius Kabi technical and customer service channels.
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Cue Cell Processing System Spinning Membrane - Technical Video

This technical video describes how Cue Cell Processing System combines its innovative spinning membrane technology with unique fluid dynamics to provide automated, closed-system small volume cell processing with unmatched precision. Cue enables high accuracy concentration, formulation, and aliquoting for cell therapy manufacturing. Applications include cryopreservation preparation, electroporation preparation, and fill/finish.
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