Cell Processing Systems for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cell processing systems for cell therapy manufacturing

ScaleReady cell processing systems solve the throughput bottlenecks of complex integrated bioreactor systems. With remarkable flexibility, scalability, and precision our suite of instruments enable closed-system parallel cell processing of both donor source material and final cell therapeutic products.

When paired with G-Rex cell culture devices, our cell processing systems give you ultimate control over the production capacity of your cell therapy manufacturing.

Lovo Cell Processing System for Cell Therapy

Lovo®. The first step toward high-throughput cell processing.

Lovo Automated Cell Processing System makes high-throughput parallel processing of cell therapies become a reality. Lovo is an automated and functionally closed cell processing instrument designed for flexibility, efficiency, and scale. Its unique spinning membrane filtration, customizable parameters, and intuitive operation simplifies and accelerates unit operations upstream and downstream of cell expansion, including leukapheresis, cell separation preparation, and cell washing.
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Cue Cell Processing System

Cue. Your solution to closed-system fill and finish.

Cue Small Volume Cell Processing System is the definitive instrument for fill/finish, cryopreservation, electroporation preparation, and small-volume culture media exchange. Exacting, responsive and flexible, Cue will complete your closed-system process by solving small volume processing and maximizing product output.

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GatheRex Liquid Handing and Cell Harvest System

GatheRex™. Harvest cells in minimal volumes.

The GatheRex simplifies closed-system cell harvesting and volume reduction in G-Rex® bioreactors. Using a positive air pressure pump for media removal and cell harvesting, GatheRex concentrates cells to minimizing storage and/or downstream processing.
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Quality & Regulatory Excellence.

Instrument and reagent certifications for GMP manufacturing facilities, quality, and regulatory compliance.

The LOVO and Cue Cell Processing Systems are for laboratory use only. Unless the user has obtained advance clearance or approval from the appropriate regulatory agency, cells processed on this system are not intended for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or for use in the production of therapeutic products or vaccines for clinical use. For applications requiring regulatory clearance or approval, users may request the required LOVO or Cue technical documentation from Fresenius Kabi to support their submissions.

Refer to the LOVO Cell Processing System Operator’s Manual and Cue Cell Processing System User’s Guide for a complete list of warnings and precautions associated with the use of these products.

The Cue Cell Processing System, with use of Research Use Only (RUO) disposable product, is not for human use. Cells processed using the RUO set are not for production of a therapeutic product or vaccine, clinical use, or direct transfusion to a patient. The sterility of the RUO set pathway cannot be guaranteed.