Reagents and Media for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Quality raw materials in, quality product out. Don’t compromise.

Control the biggest variable in cell manufacturing, reagents and media. Product consistency and supply chain security depend on sourcing high-quality GMP reagents and media from reliable manufacturing partners. ScaleReady reagents will deliver, without compromise.

Your cell phenotypes and expansion efficiency will benefit by pairing Scaleready media and reagents in G-Rex closed-system bioreactors.

500×500 STP Cytokines 3

RUO and GMP Cytokines that scale smartly.

Choosing animal-free Bio-Techne cytokines that boast robust and consistent cross-lot bioactivity makes scaling up intuitive. They reduce the risk of production failures and simplify translational and comparability studies. ScaleReady offers both RUO and GMP animal-free cytokines for T and NK cell expansion, uniquely available in flexible formats that accommodate preclinical and clinical requirements.
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500×500 NK Media 4

ExCellerate Media. Cell expansion with purpose.

Fill a G-Rex bioreactor with the best nutrients and your cells will thrive. Research and GMP-grade ExCellerate Media is designed for rapid expansion of T cells and NK cells. Combine our media with GMP cytokines and G-Rex to achieve optimal yields and consistent cell phenotypes.
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Quality & Regulatory Excellence

Reagent and instrument certifications for GMP manufacturing facilities, quality, and regulatory compliance.