Frequently asked questions about ScaleReady: Who we are, how we work with you, and what’s next

What is ScaleReady?
ScaleReady is a Joint Venture formed by Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf. Combining selected offerings from the three partners, the ScaleReady manufacturing platform brings together tools and technologies for cell culture, cell activation and expansion, gene editing, and cell processing.
What is our mission?

We’re here to help realize the lifesaving potential of cell and gene therapies for all patients. We’re empowering the industry with a scalable and flexible manufacturing platform that makes the business of cell and gene therapy practical and viable for generations to come.

Why did we create this partnership?

Our founding partners—Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf—have a history of commitment to and innovation in the cell and gene therapy space with teams actively supporting efforts across the industry. The ScaleReady partnership represents a shared belief that working together, we are able to more rapidly and comprehensively address the longstanding need for a truly scalable, cost-effective, and practical manufacturing platform.

What are the main benefits of this partnership to me as a customer?

The ScaleReady team will be familiar and has been built with experienced individuals from each of the partner companies and our industry. We are eager and excited to begin working closely on your product needs, technical questions, and current challenges, from source to final product.

Now, rather than reaching out to three different account executives or application specialists, we’ve brought together a single passionate team focused on you. By joining forces, you’ll benefit from our unified application support and account management teams.

The close collaboration with our three founding partners will also help us accelerate the development of enabling technologies and services that are urgently needed to make the life-changing therapies available for the masses. We already have new products and enhancements in development and are excited to share information about these as soon as possible.

What products are available through ScaleReady?

The following product families are part of the ScaleReady manufacturing platform:

Fresenius Kabi

  • Lovo® Cell Processing System
  • Cue Cell Processing System
  • Associated disposables sets for Lovo and Cue

Wilson Wolf

  • G-Rex® Closed-System Bioreactors
  • G-Rex® Open-System Bioreactors
  • G-Rex® Multi-Well Plates
  • GatheRex™ Liquid Handling & Cell Harvest Pump


  • GMP Cytokines for T-cell and NK cell expansion
  • ExCellerate™ Human Immune Cell Expansion Media
  • TcBuster™ Non-Viral Gene Transfer System

Other Ancillary Products

  • Other ancillary products from each Partner company may be available through ScaleReady. If you purchase other products through your primary contact at the Partner company just reach out to us at info@scaleready.com and let us know.

Will there be any changes to quoting or order placement?

ScaleReady is offering quotes on behalf of each of the Partner companies but order processing will not change. You may continue to place orders directly through each Partner company as you do today. If you have an existing quote, price letter, or supply agreement with one of the Partner companies, those will continue to be valid and honored through the stated expiration dates.

Will there be any changes to manufacturing processes, materials, or quality?

No, there will not be any changes to any product’s manufacturing process or materials as a result of the partnership. The Partner companies will continue to manufacture products under their respective quality standards.

What countries is ScaleReady present in? What if I am located in a country not covered by ScaleReady?

ScaleReady operates in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel. If you reside in a region outside of those mentioned and are able to purchase products and receive support from the Partner companies today, there will be no change, and you can continue to work directly with those Partners.

Will my account manager, application specialist, or support contacts change?

The Products available through ScaleReady are now supported by the ScaleReady team. A number of employees from the Partner companies are part of ScaleReady and we are notifying each customer of their new primary points of contact.

What about my existing Supply or Quality Agreement with the Partner companies?

Any existing supply or quality agreements will be honored through the contracted term.

What will happen moving forward when setting up new Supply or Quality Agreement?

The Partner companies will continue to be the manufacturer of record for their respective products. Supply and Quality Agreements will be executed between the Customer and the Partner company. Your ScaleReady representatives can help facilitate such requests to the proper individuals at the Partner companies.

Will ScaleReady be developing new products?

In collaboration with the Partner companies and other third parties, ScaleReady is already working on product enhancements, new product development, and innovations. We will continue to work closely with our customers and the industry to accelerate development and ensure our pipeline is focused on the most immediate and impactful needs in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Is ScaleReady seeking collaborations and partnerships with therapeutic companies and tool providers?

Yes! We are always interested in collaborations and partnerships with therapeutic companies and tool providers alike. Please contact us by email at info@scaleready.com.

What if I have a question about product information or pricing, or my question isn’t answered here?

Please reach out to ScaleReady directly. Please contact us by email at info@scaleready.com.