GMP Cytokines for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cytokines for immune cell therapy manufacturing

Animal-free RUO and GMP Liquid and Lyophilized

500×500 STP Cytokines 3

Animal-Free Cytokines that scale smartly.

We source Bio-Techne animal-free RUO and GMP-grade IL-2, IL-7, IL-15, and IL-21 liquid and lyophilized cytokines because they have the consistency, flexibility, quality, and regulatory support to facilitate the seamless scale-up of immune cell therapy manufacturing.

Focusing on cytokines for T cell and NK cell expansion, our GMP-grade cytokines boast robust reproducible bioactivity and flexible packaging formats that will accommodate closed-system requirements as you progress through clinical trials.

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Animal-free cytokines, guaranteed.

With ScaleReady, you’ll never need to worry if your RUO or GMP cytokines are truly animal-free. With industry-leading e. coli-derived animal-free recombinant protein manufacturing, our proteins minimize process risk by eliminating animal contaminants and mammalian pathogens.

Animal-free certificates of origin are available, and traceable batch records are kept for all our recombinant human RUO and GMP cytokines.

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Cytokines with high bioactivity and low variability.

Smart sourcing of raw materials is necessary when building a commercially viable cell therapy manufacturing process. With high bioactivity and low lot-to-lot variability, Bio-Techne’s animal-free RUO and GMP cytokines can speed up your process development, lower manufacturing risk, and work favorably toward lowering overall manufacturing costs.

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Stability of Cytokines in Media at different temperatures

cytokine stability in media
Stability of Cytokines in Media-03
Stability of Cytokines in Media-04

*IL-2 was used at 200IU/mL, which translates to 17860pg/mL

Bio-Techne GMP cytokine animal-free manufacturing facility

Consistent quality that scales through clinical trials.

The quality of Bio-Techne cytokines  is unmatched. Rigorous master cell lot control and lot-to-lot bioactivity testing, uniquely elevates the performance and consistency of our GMP cytokines to meet the long-term manufacturing requirements of the cell therapy industry.

Paired with Bio-Techne’s new large scale animal-free GMP manufacturing facility, the ScaleReady platform is prepared to provide a steady supply of cytokines throughout scale up and out of your cell therapy.

Animal-Free RUO and GMP Proteins for T and NK Cell Therapy

Scaling up from research to clinical can present many challenges, but your confidence in cytokine performance shouldn’t be one of them. Your program needs supply chain security, and assurance of consistent RUO to GMP bioactivity all while moving with speed and efficiency… and to do so shouldn’t have any compromise.
500×500 STP Cytokines IL-2
rhIL-2 Proteins
500×500 STP Cytokines IL-7 15
rhIL-7 & rhIL-15 Proteins
500×500 STP Cytokines IL-21
rhIL-21 Proteins

Flexible formats to fit your cell therapy manufacturing process.

Now you can define the format of your raw materials. Bio-Techne GMP cytokines are available in off-the-shelf vials and custom mass/vial (liquid or lyophilized). All formats uphold rigorous quality and regulatory standards for GMP ancillary materials.

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Product Table

GMP Protein Source DMF Filed Format Sizes Catalog # Research-grade catalog #
rhIL-2 E. coli Yes Standard vial 50 µg , 1 mg BT-002-GMP BT-002-AFL
1 mg
Custom fill*
Standard Liquid Fill Vial 50 µg , 1 mg BT-002-GMP/LQ BT-002-AFL/LQ
1 mg
rhIL-7 E. coli Yes Standard vial 25 µg 25 µg, 1 mg BT-007-GMP BT-007-AFL
1 mg
Custom fill*
Standard Liquid Fill Vial 25ug BT-007-GMP/LQ BT-007-AFL/LQ
rhIL-15 E. coli Yes Standard vial 25 µg 25 µg, 1 mg BT-015-GMP BT-015-AFL
1 mg
Custom fill*
Standard Liquid Fill Vial 25ug BT-015-GMP/LQ BT-017-AFL/LQ
rhIL-21 E. coli Yes Standard vial 25 µg 25 µg, 1 mg 8879-GMP 8879-IL
1 mg
Custom fill*

*options to fill by mass, activity, lyophilized, and liquid-frozen

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Don’t cut corners on the cost of raw materials. Select high quality raw materials from the beginning.
- Michael Paglia
Chief Operating Officer
Elevate Bio, BaseCamp

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GMP Cytokines Optimization for Closed System T Cell Therapy Manufacturing

In this case study, a company focused on autologous T cell therapies targeting solid tumor cancers was progressing into clinical trials and needed to transition from research-grade to GMP-grade cytokines. Concurrently they wanted to improve their methods of cytokine supplementation to reduce cytokine waste, improve dose accuracy across lots, and reduce process risk by defining methods for closed-system cytokine addition. ScaleReady detailed a plan to help them achieve these goals.

Determining Optimal Seeding Density for Human T Cell Expansion in G-Rex

This scientific poster investigates the kinetics of human T cell expansion in small scale G-Rex6M bioreactors using ScaleReady reagents. Data show the affect of seeding density on fold expansion, total cell yield, and phenotypic phenotypic composition of expanded T cells, including total and memory CD4+ and CD8+ cells.

IL-2, IL-7 and IL-15 Cytokines Brochure

IL-2, IL-7, and IL-15 are critical cytokine components to many successful T and NK cell therapy programs.  Choosing these cytokines from a partner that can offer seamless translation from RUO to GMP means that the consistency across lots, the confidence in bioactivity, and cost-effectiveness are no longer barriers to manufacturing with consistency, translating with speed and scaling without limitation.  Learn more about these powerhouse cytokines in this brochure.

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