G-Rex® closed-system bioreactors:
Predictable, scalable cell expansion

403×663 G-Rex

G-Rex scales cell therapies intelligently.

G-Rex is the only cell culture bioreactor equipped to meet current and future patient demand for immune cell therapies. G-Rex was designed for predictable, efficient, and scalable cell expansion. It enables parallel patient processing and can produce the large numbers of cells needed for cell-based therapeutics, from preclinical through commercial scale manufacturing.

Simplicity enables rapid scale up with consistent phenotypic profiles.

G-Rex is ushering in a new era of simplicity for cell therapy manufacturing. By giving cells unlimited and undisturbed access to nutrients and oxygen, G-Rex bioreactors eliminate media exchanges and the complex and expensive hardware required in integrated systems.

Multiple G-Rex Bioreactors in Incubator

Greater cell throughput in a smaller footprint.

Maximize the therapeutic potential of your cell therapy through efficient and practical scale out. With one G-Rex bioreactor per patient and a small footprint per bioreactor, you can serve a high volume of patients in parallel—potentially treating 10,000 patients a year in 8x less space than conventional bioreactors.


G-Rex minimizes process development risk by using your preclinical protocols in large scale manufacturing.

Linear and predictable cell expansion in G-Rex bioreactors means a streamlined path to the clinic. Using G-Rex, the preclinical protocol and cell quality you develop directly transfers up into a large-scale closed-system process. In doing so you eliminate unnecessary process changes that often plague scale-up into complex bioreactors.

Bioreactor sizes from small scale research to commercial scale manufacturing.

G-Rex cell culture bioreactors are offered with varying footprints and media fill volumes. The portfolio is designed to accommodate the diverse needs associated with cell therapy manufacturing, supporting small scale research protocols, RUO and open systems all the way through commercial scale manufacturing, GMP and closed-system.
G-Rex®6M Well Plate
G-Rex®6M Well Plate
Yields 200-400x106
Individual well specifications: 10cm² gas permeable membrane with a 100mL media capacity. Expand 5 million cells into between 200 to 400 million cells in about 10 days with NO medium exchange.
G-Rex®10M Series
G-Rex®10M Series
Yields 200-400x106
10cm² membrane with 100 mL media capacity. Closed system with semi-automated liquid handling. Expand 5 million cells into between 200 to 400 million cells in about 10 days with NO medium exchange.
G-Rex®100M Series
G-Rex®100M Series
Yields 2-4x109
100cm² gas permeable membrane surface area with 1000 mL fill volume. Closed system with semi-automated liquid handling. Expand 50 million cells into between 2 to 4 billion cells in about 10 days with NO medium exchange.
G-Rex®500M Series
G-Rex®500M Series
Yields 10-20x109
500cm² gas permeable membrane surface area with 5000 mL media capacity. Closed system with semi-automated liquid handling. Expand 250 million cells into between 10 to 20 billion cells in about 10 days with NO medium exchange.
G-Rex Bioreactors are a product of Wilson Wolf

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“The Cell Processing Lab has shown that the culture of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL), Natural Killer (NK) cells and LCL cells when using G-Rex are superior to growth bags. G-Rex allows for cell growth at higher densities and therefore less media, growth factors, cytokine and serum additives are required.”

— Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health

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G-Rex – Revolutionizing Cell Therapy Manufacturing

In this video you will learn how G-Rex bioreactors solve the limitations of flask and bag-based cell therapy manufacturing. By providing cells with uninterrupted access to oxygen and nutrients, the G-Rex cell culture device is the only accessible cell expansion technology that linearly scales to meet the demands of cell therapy manufacturers.

On Demand Symposium: Defining Intelligent Scale-up and Scale-out

In this recorded symposium, cell therapy manufacturing leaders speak about defining and planning for intelligent commercial scale up and scale out. Recorded at ISCT 2021.

Determining Optimal Seeding Density for Human T Cell Expansion in G-Rex

This scientific poster investigates the kinetics of human T cell expansion in small scale G-Rex6M bioreactors using ScaleReady reagents. Data show the affect of seeding density on fold expansion, total cell yield, and phenotypic phenotypic composition of expanded T cells, including total and memory CD4+ and CD8+ cells.

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