Marker TX T-cell Manufacturing Simplification

Simplification of T Cell Manufacturing Using the G-Rex Platform as First Step Towards Automation

Marker TX Webinar T Cell Process Simplification

This pre-recorded webinar presentation features Anastasiya Smith, Senior Director of R&D of Marker Therapeutics outlines the following in achieving automation through the first step of simplification for cell therapy programs.

Process Automation: In-house process development to simplify and prepare for automation

Reagent Standardization: Standardization of reagents to enable process automation

Process Automation: Implementation of robotics to automate the simplified process

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Join Anastasiya Smith, Snr. Director of R&D at Marker Therapeutics for a 15-minute pre-recorded webinar covering the first critical steps in successful automation through simplification with the G-Rex platform.

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Cell Processing Systems Comparison Flyer

Compare Lovo and Cue system specifications and applications.
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Lovo Large Volume Cell Processing System Brochure

Whether you’re focused on early-stage trials or ramping up to full commercialization, Lovo’s spinning membrane filtration technology enables fast, precise, and flexible procedures that help increase your lab’s overall operational efficiency and processing consistency without compromising product quality.
Case Studies

Transition to Closed-system T Cell Expansion Leads to Process Optimization

In this case study, ScaleReady helped an autologous T cell therapy company rapidly transition to a closed-system process for cell expansion by providing a testing plan to verify that G-Rex500M-CS closed-system bioreactors would meet their immediate cell production requirements and improve cell production efficiency, while adhering to their short timelines for going into clinical trials. In doing so, the company also uncovered small changes to their cell culture protocols that made a big impact on their cell production efficiency.

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