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This is our proven process illustrating how ScaleReady works in a true partnership with your T and NK cell therapy program to enable the successful commercialization of your drug. This is a linear left-to-right, as well as a holistic view, of how at every stage, we look to simplify, streamline, and scale by offering expertise and support for your cell therapy program. Through our proven process, we deliver practical and viable solutions by providing the most simple, scalable, and versatile manufacturing products. Our process is proven, as our products are represented in approved CAR-T drugs around the globe.

Latest Insights

Multiply Labs and Wilson Wolf Join Forces to Automate Cell Therapy Manufacturing with G-Rex® Bioreactors

Multiply Labs and Wilson Wolf are partnering to automate G-Rex® bioreactors for cheaper, more accessible cell therapy manufacturing. This partnership focuses on automating Wilson Wolf's innovative G-Rex® bioreactors, aiming to revolutionize CGT manufacturing.

Unlocking the Potential of Stem Cells: A New Frontier in Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy has revolutionized treatment, but existing strategies have limitations. Natural Killer (NK) cells, part of our immune system, show amazing potential to destroy both blood and solid tumor cancers. However, getting enough consistently potent NK cells for therapy is tricky.

Innovating Cell Therapy Manufacturing: The Path to Decentralization and GMP Success

Cell therapies are exploding with potential, offering groundbreaking new treatments for a wide range of diseases. Yet, a central challenge lies in bringing these complex therapies out of the lab and into the real world. In a recent panel discussion, Josh Ludwig (Global Commercial Director, ScaleReady) and Stuart Curbishley (Chief Manufacturing & Development Officer, Adthera Bio) shed light on this complex transition.

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