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ScaleReady Portfolio Overview

We’ve anticipated where cell therapy manufacturing needs to be and we’re the only solution for cost-effective and practical cell therapy scale-up. In this brochure:
  • Portfolio introduction
  • G-Rex Bioreactors and raw materials
  • Cell processing instruments
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Evolution of Tumor-specific T Cell Production

This video features Juan Vera, Chief Development Officer at Marker Therapeutics, discussing how Marker used G-Rex Bioreactors and the Lovo Cell Processing System to evolve and simplify manufacturing of its multiple tumor-associated antigen (MultiTAA) T cell therapy in anticipation of commercialization.

This ScaleReady-sponsored seminar originally aired at the CAR-TCR Virtual 2021 Conference (Hanson Wade) on September 1st, 2021.
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Scientific Posters

Determining Optimal Seeding Density for Human T Cell Expansion in G-Rex

This scientific poster investigates the kinetics of human T cell expansion in small scale G-Rex6M bioreactors using ScaleReady reagents. Data show the affect of seeding density on fold expansion, total cell yield, and phenotypic phenotypic composition of expanded T cells, including total and memory CD4+ and CD8+ cells.
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