G-Rex Grant Program

The G-Rex® Grant Program

Accelerate your Cell and Gene Therapy!

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Empowering CGT Manufacturers with Resources and Expertise

The G-Rex® Grant Program is a $20 million initiative by ScaleReady, Wilson Wolf Manufacturing, Bio-Techne, and CellReady, that is designed to propel the advancement of cell and gene therapies (CGT).

If you’re engaged in pre-clinical research, process development, or cGMP manufacturing of cell and gene-modified cell therapies, this program is for you!

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Who Can Benefit?

Anyone trying to advance a CGT manufacturing program:

    • Commercial Entities
    • R&D, Process Development, GMP manufacturing, and more
    • Academic Institutions
    • Principal Investigators, R&D, clinical manufacturing and more

Download the Program Outline PDF HERE

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What You'll Receive

$5,000 to $300,000 of best-in-class products including:

    • G-Rex® “M”series bioreactors and GatheRex
    • Specialty reagents designed for G-Rex® including:
    • Media (Animal Free, T-cell, NK)
    • GMP cytokines (IL-7, IL15, IL-2. IL-21)
    • TcBuster

Unlimited expert consulting services at zero cost, including:

      • Batch record review and optimization
      • Guidance from highly experienced personnel including former FDA and EMA CMC reviewers
      • Technical application support
      • CGT business and operational efficiency consulting based on years of experience

Download the Program Outline PDF HERE

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  • Proven path to highly efficient, high-throughput manufacturing operations
  • Lean business models that stretch your investors’ capital
  • Streamlined and mistake-free transition from research labs to GMP manufacturing
  • Clinically scalable manufacturing transfer from academia to the private sector

Download the Program Outline PDF HERE

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