2nd Annual Innate Killer Europe Summit

2nd Annual Innate Killer Europe Summit

London, UK, October 17th to 19th 2023

Standardize Your Cell Therapy Process Today!

Meet the ScaleReady team in the Exhibit Hall at the 2nd Annual Innate Killer Europe Summit in London. Keep reading to learn more about our speaking sessions, booth events and more at this year's conference.
Novotel London West - London, UK
Meet the ScaleReady team in the Exhibit Hall! Our G-Rex Optimization Specialists and Field Application Specialists will be on site ready to answer questions.
Attend our Presentation on October 15th at 10:30 am!
figure-cell-3 (2)
ADAPT-NK –an allogeneic adaptive NK cell therapy platform to unleash NK cell potential

ScaleReady 20 Minute Presentation

Be sure to block your calendar and save your seat for ScaleReady’s sponsored presentation.  Starting at 10:30 am Senior Researcher for Karolinska Institute, Ebba Sohlberg Ph.D, will be presenting data and sharing the following messages:

  • Leveraging adaptive NK cell properties to circumvent inhibitory hurdles of NK cell therapies
  • Utilizing highly cytotoxic ADAPT-NK cells against liquid and solid tumor targets, and in combination with
  • Establishment of manufacturing protocol and cell banks to support dose-escalation and expansion of Phase I/II studies

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ScaleReady Cell Therapy Workflow Solutions

Our Process Optimization Experts will be ready at Booth 723 to answer your questions on how to utilize our gold-standard products to achieve scalability, streamline and, optimize your process.

We’ll be ready to discuss key steps you can take today to become more cost-efficient, prove mo repeatable processes and standardize your T and NK cell therapy programs.

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Meet the Team!

ScaleReady Field Application Specialists and G-Rex Optimization Specialists will be in the Exhibit Hall every day of the conference to connect! Schedule a time below to meet with us.
Jenny Stjernberg ScaleReady
Global Director, EMEA
Maren Bohmer ScaleReady
G-Rex Optimization Specialist

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6th Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit

ScaleReady is the proud lead partner for the 6th Allogeneic Cell Therapies Summit in Boston this year! Make sure you join us for an in-depth presentation on Tuesday at June 11th at 10am to hear from the COO of CellReady, Ignacio Nunez. Ignacio will also be sitting on an insightful panel on Tuesday, June 11th at 3:40pm.

2nd International Workshop on Advanced Therapies

Meet the team in Donostia-San Sebastián Spain for the 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Therapies! ScaleReady is sponsoring an insightful presentation on May 7th at 12:15pm, make sure to save your seats. After the presentation, stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall to learn more about our wide product portfolio!

SITC 2024

Meet ScaleReady in Houston alongside established leaders in the cancer immunotherapy field at this annual, information-filled conference. More information to come.

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