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CAR-T cell therapy has emerged as a powerful weapon in the fight against specific B-cell malignancies. Its success has fueled significant research efforts to broaden its reach to encompass a wider range of hematologic and solid tumors. 


Optimizing CAR-T cell therapy hinges on a deeper understanding of the intricate signaling pathways that govern these potent immune cells. This includes their ability to infiltrate tumors, evade antigen escape mechanisms, resist immunosuppression, and minimize potentially fatal toxicities. To achieve this, researchers require a comprehensive characterization of the signaling molecules involved, encompassing the extracellular, membrane-bound, and intracellular compartments. However, this endeavor is often hampered by limited and complex sample types. 


The Wilson Wolf G-Rex platform offers a unique solution for large-scale expansion of CAR-T cells, enabling researchers to study these vital communication networks within larger, more robust cell populations. This facilitates a deeper understanding of CAR-T cell function and paves the way for the development of safer and more effective CAR-T therapies. 


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Understanding these vital communication networks within CAR-T cells is critical to unlocking their full potential. Download our free App Note: Analytical Tools to Evaluate CAR-T Cell Signaling & Activation to explore the latest advancements in research methods for optimizing CAR-T cell therapy. 

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