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About ScaleReady

ScaleReady is a Joint Venture formed by Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf. Combining selected offerings from the three partners, the ScaleReady cell therapy manufacturing platform consists of tools and reagents for cell culture, cell activation, gene editing, and cell processing. 

Our mission is to enable the field of Cell and Gene Therapy to become established as the most prolific advance in cancer therapy by greatly simplifying the way T cells are manufactured. Our proven platform features G-RexTM, a single-use static bioreactor that dramatically simplifies workflows while consistently delivering higher cell quality and throughput in significantly less space. The ScaleReady platform is flexible, able to generate small and large cell doses, and is easily optimized for centralized or de-centralized manufacturing. Our goal is to make the prospect of T cell therapy practical and viable not just for the hundreds, but for the hundreds of thousands of patients. 

ScaleReady is an essential business seeking employees.  Compliance with a mandatory vaccine policy is a condition of employment, subject to applicable state and federal law. 


Position Detail

The Field Application Specialist (FAS) is an integral role that will require tenacity and the ability to become deeply immersed in the technical aspects of T Cell Therapy.  The FAS will use their knowledge and communication skills to play an essential role in advancing ScaleReady’s T Cell Therapy Production Platform, to a state where it is the Gold Standard for T Cell Therapy manufacturing. In this role, the FAS will become highly capable of interacting with colleagues through their capacity to maintain awareness of relevant technical aspects of T cell therapy manufacturing and by ensuring customers are proficient in the use of ScaleReady products including: 

  • G-Rex Bioreactor Platform 
  • LOVO Cell Processing System 
  • Cue Cell Processing System 
  • Bio-Techne GMP Cytokines & ProDots 
  • Bio-Techne Cloudz Activation Reagent 
  • Bio-Techne ExCellerate Media 
  • Bio-Techne TcBuster for nonviral gene editing 

Key Responsibilities

  • Gaining and maintaining a deep understanding of ScaleReady products 
  • Attaining and maintaining deep understanding of the technical elements of T cell therapy primarily by reviewing related published papers and patents 
  • Acquiring a deep understanding of the rationale behind ScaleReady’s learning and development tools and techniques and applying those tools and techniques when educating colleagues and customers through written and verbal communications 
  • Keeping colleagues informed of technical aspects of development in the field of T cell therapy and advancements via the creation of easy to read written materials  
  • Educating colleagues, who are preparing to communicate with prospective and existing customers, on the related technology of those customers through succinct and information written materials. 
  • Participating in interactions with prospective and existing customers, as needed, to convey the value and details behind ScaleReady technology as a subject matter expert 
  • Designing custom experimental protocols for the various ScaleReady products that are relevant and impactful in terms of improving customers processes and correlating those improvements to ScaleReady’s products 
  • Ensuring evaluations of ScaleReady products by prospective customers are conducted in the most efficient and effective manner needed to yield predicted results 
  • Setting clear success criteria that is agreed to by the customer ahead of performing evaluations in order to facilitate fast and confident decision making from key decision makers 
  • Creating and maintaining accurate records of customers’ communications related to product evaluations  
  • Providing prospective and existing customers with experiences that will build confidence that ScaleReady is able to interact at the granular level on technical elements of T cell therapy, with particular focus on cell activation, transduction and expansion 
  • Periodically attending scientific conferences with the objective of gaining knowledge and developing relationships with peers and opinion leaders. Occasional product presentations may be required.  
  • Striving for, reaching, and maintaining a state of knowledge where a pulse on the market is second nature 


  • Bachelor’s degree in the life sciences is required, preferably with basic knowledge of immunology and hands on experience with cell culture 
  • Extensive capacity to absorb complex subject matter and convert it into simple and easy to understand communication 
  • Extensive experience using Microsoft Office products 
  • Well developed communication skills that will ensure interactions achieve the highest levels of understanding, including simplifying complex material and engaging in rigorous discussion with others  

Personal Attributes

  • Wired to easily and constantly operate with a sense of urgency because every day matters to our mission 
  • Deeply satisfied as a team player and easily able to thrive in a collaborative atmosphere of mutual respect 
  • Well developed sense of self awareness and an inherent drive to be honest and credible 
  • Agile and able to easily adjust and adapt to changing circumstances as the mission unfolds  
  • Have the tenacity to maintain the commitment and the self-discipline needed to see things through to the finish 
  • Team player with a demonstrated ability to collaborate well with others while focusing efforts on the greater good 

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