TcBuster™ Non-viral Gene Delivery System for Cell and Gene Therapy

TcBuster™ non-viral gene delivery system for cell and gene therapy

Gene editing without the viral vector baggage.

TcBuster non-viral genetic delivery system and gene editing services solve the supply chain and timeline bottlenecks facing viral vector-based editing, while maintaining high insertion efficiency and a low-risk profile. Proven to insert CAR and TCR constructs reliably and cost-effectively into T cells and NK cells, TcBuster is the future of genetically engineered autologous and allogeneic cell therapies. ScaleReady offers gene editing services in partnership with Bio-Techne.

How does TcBuster gene delivery work?

TcBuster integrates your gene of interest (GOI) into host cell DNA using the highly efficient Red Flour Beetle transposase and specifically-designed transposons. Transposon gene editing systems have the safest insertion profile of any commercial gene delivery platform, with limited off-target effects and stable, reliable gene expression.

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Insert large CAR payloads and maintain high efficiency.

TcBuster is advancing TCR and CAR-T engineering by accommodating insertion of large and multi-gene constructs. This allows you to create innovative, highly targeted, and controlled gene-modified immune cell therapies. Using optimized protocols, TcBuster transposition efficiency even outperforms lentivirus transduction.

CAR and TCR gene transfer without the viral vector baggage.

TcBuster addresses the cost, scalability, and integration challenges of retroviral and lentiviral vectors, as demonstrated in the table below. Manufacturing of TcBuster plasmids is inherently faster and less variable than retro and lentiviral production creating a more secure supply chain to support your gene edited immune cell therapies.

Scalable gene editing to support cell therapy manufacturing.

TcBuster gene edited immune cells are compatible with cell expansion in closed-system G-Rex bioreactors. Optimized transposition and expansion protocols will support research and therapeutic scales.

TcBuster gene editing service options

From proof-of-concept studies and process optimization to GMP cell line manufacturing or technology licensing, we have you covered. We’ve partnered with Bio-Techne’s process development and CDMO team to make sure TcBuster integrates seamlessly into your clinical manufacturing process.

Additional TcBuster resources

TcBuster Non-viral Genetic Engineering Flyer

TcBuster non-viral gene editing solves the bottlenecks facing viral vector-based editing, including supply chain, manufacturing time, and integration safety. In this flyer:
  • How TcBuster works
  • Comparison to viral tranduction
  • Data on transposition efficiency and scalability

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